Social Value Strategy Consulting

Managing the "social & environmental value" of business activities helps shape business development strategy for sustainable economic resilience.

Volunteers holding gardening tools in front of the Sustainability Pavilion.

Contributing a positive social value to the economy is a means to develop a strong relationship with government & society. Sustainable businesses may grow more quickly due to consumer trust and are resilient to taxation policy.

Social value includes economic, environmental & social costs or contributions as a means to value innovations that contribute to sustainability. The major themes are reducing carbon emissions & stabilising the escalating UK social welfare budget. Projects that contribute social value make “feel good” stories that are publishable material for Public Relations.

Community project photographs

Phoenix Business Development won a Kirklees Responsible Business Award for Community Volunteering, 2012.

Saplings protected by green plastic tubes.
1400 Trees Planted in One Day
Group of 40 volunteers enjoy the sunlight.
Day of Action at Northorpe Hall Child & Family Trust
Volunteers repaint with roller brushes.
Redecorating a Counselling Room
A tool store is emptied & reorganised by volunteers.
Storage Facility Given Lean Workstation Treatment
Team of tree-planting volunteers in front of Scammonden Dam.
Carbon Sequestration for Sustainable Development
Tree Plant Facilitated by White Rose Forest
2700 Trees 6 Months Later
Havana Nights salsa social pilot.
Mentoring New Self-Employed Night Time Economy Project
Mark Sheldon receiving Community Volunteering Award.
Kirklees Responsible Business Award 2012
Agreement to donate waste uPVC to mandatory work scheme.
Business development of recycling social enterprise.
Strategy workshop facilitation in converted barn.
Facilitating a Strategy Workshop for Tree Planting
Adults with learning disabilities helping with a voluntary clear-up.
Working Alongside Adults With Learning Disabilities
Skip with young people in front of it.
Recycling Social Enterprise Helping Young People Start Work
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